We have been seeing how difficult it is for people to obtain their groceries and want to help!  We are offering a grocery pick up and delivery service to those who would rather not go to the grocery store. Ordering from us means that your food is coming directly from our suppliers, minimizing the handling your food will be exposed to..
This is something new for us so we appreciate your patience and feedback. If there is something you’d like to see, not currently on our list, please make mention at the bottom of your order and if we can bring it in we will!
See List Below!
Email your order to You will receive a confirmation text or email with your Order #, Total Cost amount, and anticipated pick up day.
Our goal is to have all orders ready within one or two business days. Please make sure to include your contact info/preferences.
Once we advise you that your order is ready for pick up, head on over to Ginas, you don’t even need to get out of your car we will place your order directly into your trunk… No Contact Required!!
All orders can be paid for via e-Transfer to or request Credit Card Payment in your email and we will contact you for your information.

Aged Cheddar Cheese block or shredded $10.00/lb

Jalapeno cheddar cheese

shredded $9.00/lb

Local free range eggs $6.00

Local honey $16 /1kg jar

Sour Cream  $2.50/250 ml

Chicken Breast Frozen  $50.00/4 kg case

Tofu – extra firm  $4.00/12 oz pkt

Boca Veggie Crumble  $8.00/lb

Turtle Black Beans  $7.50/1 kg bag

Split Red Lentils  $6.00/1 kg

Pinto Beans  $6.75/1 kg

Quick Oats  $3.00/kg

All Purpose Flour  $1.35/kg

Bakers Yeast  $6.00/1/2 lb

Canola/Olive Oil Blend  $7.00/ ltr

White Rice  $4.00/kg

Fine Salt  $1.25/250 ml

White Sugar  $2.65/kg

Bananas  $0.40 ea.

Carrots  $1.50/lb

Mixed Lettuce  $3.00 1/2 lb

Romaine lettuce  $2.50 ea.

Cilantro  $1.00/bunch

Avocados  $2.50 ea.

Limes  $2.50 for 5

Yellow Onion  $0.60/lb

Mixed Bell Peppers  $3.00/lb

Fresh Spinach  $5.00/lb / $3.00 1/2/lb

10″ Flour Tortillas  $4.00/12 pk

6″ Flour Tortillas  $3.00/12 pk

White Corn Tortillas  $3.00/12 pk

Que Pasa Salted Tortilla chips  $4.75/350g bag

Coffee beans $12.00/ lb  – organic fair trade Mexican

Spices per 100g

Chilli Powder $2.50

Cinnamon $2.75

Cloves $5.00

Cumin $3.50

Garlic Powder $2.50

Oregano $6.00

Thyme $6.00

Toilet Paper  $1.00/double roll

Dish Soap  $3.75/ltr

6pks of beer $17.50

Corona,  Sol, Pacifico, Dos Equis lager and pale ale, Negra Modello, Modello Especial

Blue buck, Fat Tug IPA and Shipwreck IPA

Margarita Kit – $50.00

Comes with 375ml Bottle of El Jimador Tequila, 375ml Btl. Triple sec, 2 cans Limade, 4 Limes.


GINA’S in House Made Products:::: 

Salsa $4.00/8 oz  $8.00/16 oz

Salsa Verde  $4.50/8 oz / $9.00/16 oz

Guacamole $9.00 /8oz / $18.00 /16oz

Chipotle Sauce  $4.50/8 oz / $9.00/16 oz

Salad Dressing  $4.50/8 oz / $9.00/16 oz

Enchilada Sauce  $4.00/8 oz OR $8.00/16 oz

Gina’s Dinner Kits::: 

Enchilada Dinner Kit : Beef OR Chicken.

Dinner for 4 – $62.00

Dinner for 2 – $32.00


Taco/Enchilada dinner kits will come with all the fixings for you to assemble and cook these Gina’s favorites at home.

The Taco’s and Enchiladas will also come with the sides of rice, beans and corn.

Nacho Dinner Kit $10.00/small  $14.00/large  Beef OR Chicken OR Bean

Please send us an email with your list along with your Name and Phone Number.

We will need to contact you. 

Do you prefer EMAIL, TEXT message, or PHONE CALL?:

Delivery is by donation in these trying times, thank-you for your support.

***Prices may vary due to market fluctuations.


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We are open for Dine In,Take-Out and Delivery 4pm – 8pm.

We are also happy to offer a Grocery Pick-Up Service.


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